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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

EB's Mailbag

Hey EB,

Why exactly did you trade for Jeff Bagwell?

Chris, Brighton, MA


I traded for Bagwell because, well, because he was a throw-in in a Rob Stiehl for Chris Reitsma deal. Sure, a pretty expensive throw-in, but a throw-in nonetheless. Hope that answers your question!


Yo EB,

When will Phillip Hughes and Edison Volquez get permanent spots in the rotation?

Dave, Nashua, NH


Hughes will likely get a permanent slot next year, and if Volquez's debut (8 IP, 3 RA) is any indication, so will he. Next year's rotation projects as Wells, Floyd, Volquez, Lester, and Hughes, but that could easily be changed by free agent signings, trades, and other things.



What does next year's bullpen look like?

Mat, Portland, ME


Wow, that's something I haven't really thought about. The most likely scenario is MacDougal remaining the closer, with Hansen and Martinez setting up, and Timlin, Chris Smith, and Lenny DiNardo in middle relief, but that could once again be easily altered by trades, free agent signings, and other things.


Hey EB,

What's the deal with Bagwell? Will he be re-signed?

Sam, Pittsfield, MA


He might possibly be re-signed to a minimum deal with lots of performance-based incentives, but it's highly unlikely that our owner will be willing to spend that much on him. So, to answer your question, this is most likely Bagwell's last season in a Red Sox -- or any -- uniform.


And that just about wraps up this week's edition of EB's Mailbag! Stay tuned for next week's edition!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Trade deadline busts: TOR-WAS mega deal

You read the title, Troy Glaus almost ended up in Washington in a trade that would've sent Kevein Youkilis to Toronto.

Glaus and Wells nearly ended up in Washington.

It was rumoured that the Nationals were to acquire Mussina, Wells, Frank Catalannoto, A.J. Burnett and finally Troy Glaus from the Jays for Carl Pavano, Marlon Byrd, Kevein Youkilis, prospects and Lance Berkman.

The deal fell through though because Toronto did not want to make that big of a deal.

However, since Glaus didn't end up in Washington which prompted the acquistion of Morgan Ensberg from the Astros.

A source close to the Jays said that Toronto wou;d have acquired Pavano then dealt him to Phildadlephia in a complex three-way trade.

Obviously, only 25% of trade offers go throgh

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

BBFTG is Back

Lucky for us, we are able to keep BBFTG going, and just as we hoped, we will be able to continue soon. We weren't down very long, but it could of been worse. We are planning to restart on Sat.

How we were able to continue? I got the game file from Elliot, and I just bought Mogul 07 on
Amazon, it is planed to come in some time between thru-sat. AznInvasion is also getting Mogul 07 and will take over for me if I am unable to continue.

There is planed to be some changes, I will not try to catch up to MLB, we will stay behind MLB.
Then there are a few minor changes, but nothing to notable.

Offseason changes: Its not the offseason yet, but Steve Adams (Wilkerson_rulz-06) plans to redo the standings and get rid of some teams so we would only have 18. (8 in one league and 10 in another) The teams that are on the chopping block are: Detroit, Kansas City and Texas. All of them don't have GM's. Also the GM of Pittsburgh wants to shutdown their franchise. This means there will be room for two new teams, which looks like it will be Oakland and Baltimore. If another team wants to shutdown, we plan to add the Dodgers.

Also, GM's are allowed to switch teams over the offseason. So the GM of PIT will most likely take over one of the two new teams, or switch with someone else's team, and then that person that switched with PIT, would take a new one.

If you are not in BBFTG, and are interested in joining this, and will be active, please go to www.baseball-fever.com, make an account (if you don't already have one), and PM Wilkerson_Rulz-06 that you would like to join in next year.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

BBFTG Closed Indefinitely

We have recently received news that the guy that sims the games for BBFTG: Yankee Legend - Elliot K - New York Yankees, can no longer sim games for us. A personal problem came up and he is not even able to visit the BBF forums. The guy in charge of BBFTG, Wilkerson_rulz-06 - Steve Adams - Washington Nationals, is on vacation this weekend.

In any event, there won't be simmed games for a while, which means there won't be much to post on this blog. Now there is good luck, we are trying to get this running again, and I personally have e-mailed Yankee Legend, hopefully he can reach his e-mail, asking him to send me the BBFTG file that he is simmimg. Now I don't have to program to continue simming, but hopefully someone else does. We were using Baseball Mogul 2007.

So good luck to Yankee Legend, and I hope we will be able to sim soon so we can post more blog articles.

- J25nadroj2042 - Jordan Young - Houston Astros

Friday, September 01, 2006

BBFTG Team Videos

Every week, I will post a video devoted to a BBFTG team.
I will post the first one next week.
I will start with the Yankees.

All demands for videos must be made here

Nationals announce last deadline deal.

AP- The Nationals made a final move for the playoff push, acquiring Nick Johnson, Doug Mientkiewicz and reliever Esteban Yan from the Pirates for Jorge Sosa, prospect Santiago Ramirez and the injured Mike Sweeney.

Mientkiewicz is expected to play LF for Washington as George Lombard is struggling and Johnson is expected to play 1B and Berkman will move to the DH role.

The trade is the final one, and the Nationals are now ready to pursue the Yankees.

Lights out Lidge Signed on the Line

HOUSTON - Yestorday was the deadline to resign players, and it appread that Lidge was going to be heading to the free agent list over the off season. The Astros did not want to let him go, and Lidge does like Houston, but Lidge wanted to get the most money he could, and thats why he was turning down the Astros offers. He knew the Astros would still go after him if he went on the free agents list, But last night, on the deadline to re-sign players, Lidge agreed with the Astros to a four year deal of 48 million dollars. (12 mil per year) The Astros were very happy they were able to resign one of the best closers in the game and not let him get away from them. "We knew we couldn't let him go, cause we weren't interested in resigning Clemens or Biggio, and Bagwell has allready left the team, so that frees up about 40 million.

The Astros resigned three players this season to long term contracts. they are:

Lidge - 48 million for four years, 12 million per year
Wheller - 6.8 million for three years, 2.27 million per year
Pena - 33.5 million for five years, 6.7 million per year

Wheller: He is a pretty good young pitchers and it's hard to find good relivers.

Pena: There is no way we could let him go, he's only 24 and he has been doing an amazing job in Houston

The current Astros players that will go to the Free Agent list or retire over the offseason are:

SP Roger Clemens (was 19.7 mil for one year)
RP Chris Reitsma (was 2.75 mil)
RP David Weathers (was 1.35 mil)
C Eric Munson (was 430k)
2B Criag Biggio (was 4 mil)

Clemens: He is allready in his 40's and his ERA has been higher than it normally is. It will also free up close to 20 mil.

Reitsma: We had no plan on resigning him, we only picked him up to try to help us in these last two months.

Weathers: We tried to resign him, but just like lidge he wanted to go on the free agent list. We are still interested in him and if his price doesn't go up to much, we might try to re-sign him over the offseason

Munson: He does have a cheep price, but with the money Clemens will free up, and the money Bagwell has allready freed up, we are going to look for a different back up catcher that is better than Munson.

Biggio: Though he is still a great 2B, he is getting old like Clemens, and will most likely get worse each year, if there isn't any better 2B's that we find over the offseason, then we will consider re-signing him.

Offseason Block (who the astros are thinking of trading away this offseason):

2B Hector Luna: He's good, but not good enough, thats why we are going to look for another 2B on the free agent list. Luna might be involved in a deal to get a better player as we don't have a need for him. We acquired him to replace Biggio while Biggio was on the DL.

RP Chad Qualls: The opposite of Luna, this pretty good pitcher will hopefully be like a lure to get a different player. Just like Bagwell was this season and we picked up Reitsma.

SS Carlos Guillen: It is possible that he might go in a big deal for a better SS, but it is pretty unlikey as he is one of the best SS in the game.

3B Scott Rolen: He's a good player, but he has been having a tough time in Houston. A lot of players have had a hard time in Houston this year, while some others have had good years like Pena. Hopefully we can get a different 3B and someone else will get another power hitter to their lineup.

OF Vernon Wells: its is possible, but like Guillen, it is un likely that he would be delt.

The Astros no touch (or Indispensable) list:
(from greatest to least)

Wily Mo Pena
Brad Lidge
Adam Dunn
Javier Vazquez
Carl Crawford

Nationals Farm Report: Rookies getting shots.

Nationals Notes: Minor leaguers getting their chances
The Nationals have been giving minor-leaguers their doses of playing time this season and have seen who has what it takes.
Bernie Castro, Andrew Good, Ian Desmond, Brandon Harper, George Lombard, Mike Vento, Ryan Church, Tyrrell Goodwin, Kory Casto, Frank Diaz, and Josh Labandeira have gotten their chances this season and there are probably more, here are my minor-league report:
  • Bernie Castro: Hit well under the Mendoza line in limited time with Washington, showed flashes of promise defensively but his bat just wasn't there.
  • Andrew Good: He spent a the first month in Washington before being sent down to the minors. Good posted a 4.69 ERA and was one of the most used relievers in the beginning of the season before going on the disabled list.
  • Ian Desmond: Desmond got the call a few weeks ago and hasn't shown up on the linescore yet. Desmond, one of the Nationals top prospects, is having difficulty this season, currently 0-for-8 as a DH in 2 games. He is the shortstop of the future for Washington.
  • Brandon Harper: Average stats, average defense and average fielding was all Harper got in his average tenure as a backup with Washington. He isn't getting any younger too, already 31.
  • George Lombard: Lombard had a sensational tenure before injuring hsi back and missing nearly 2 months with a bulging disc in his lower back. Lombard hit .412 before injring himself and is currently struggling, his average has dipped to .283 He had his chance and still has one, but with the addition of Doug Mientkiewicz, Lombard's playing time will be cut down dramatically.
  • Mike Vento: Up and down again, Vento never got on a roll and ended up batting .222 and became a defensive upgrade. He needs more time in the minors.
  • Ryan Church: Church struggled, struggled and dissapointed. Then he was traded.
  • Tyrrell Goodwin: He can't hit so the Nationals used him as a pinch-runner. That's all. A pinch runner. He needs to improve his hitting abilityto be an effective lead-off man.
  • Kory Casto: He finally reached his potential and showed the baseball world why Steve Adams is crazy about him, he won out the starting SS job before going on the disabled list. He is expected to miss the rest of the regular season. Could be an interesting factor heading into spring training next year.
  • Frank Diaz: Diaz was traded to Saint-Louis in a deal that sent Morgan Ensberg to Washington. Diaz was hitting .400 in his stint with Washington and was ready for everyday work. But to get good players you have to give some up, and that's what happened.
  • Josh Labandeira: Labandeira is a Cinderalla story. After struggling with Montreal in the September of 2004, Labandeira has been the most consistent rookie this season, hitting .334 in 67 games for Washington.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

J25nadroj2042's Playoff Predictions

it came a little earlier than i thought it would, well this is it! but so I wouldn't mess up the blog, and to make the pics clearer, I made a site just for the BBFTG world series. I finished the whole playoff prediction thing, but I will post it peice by peice. There's 2 more peices to it. They will be posted once a week on SAT. starting 9/9.



Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Around the BBFTG with J25nadroj2042 (full version part 1)

If you have excel, you can see a cleaner version of this here:

If you have any comments of what you saw so far, do not put them at the end of this, please put them at the end of full version part 2 thanks.

Around the BBFTG with J25nadroj2042 (full version part 2)

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Nationals decline option on Mussina, re-sign Pettitte

WASHINGTON- Big news out of DC as the Nationals decided not to exercise theit team option on RHP Mike Mussina who was set to make $17 million next season.

Mussina's ERA had risen to 4.65 over the past few starts as a result of horrible outings.

The two sides met to restrcuture Mussina's contract but he did not budge.

The Nationals reportedly offered Mussina a one-year $12 million contract with a team option but he wanted more so the Nationals walked away.

Mussina will spend his final season in Washington before heading to free-agency.

Pettitte re-signed...kind of.

However, Andy Pettitte went through the same process and agreed on a new 3-year $30 million contract, a $7 million cut from his current salary.

Washington bought him out yesterday and re-signed him to a more affordable contract.
Pettitte is making $17 million this season and will make $10 for the next 3 seasons.

Steve Adams contributed to this story

Nats re-sign Hall to contract extension

The Nationals agreed to terms with catcher Toby Hall yesterday, on a 4-year $16 million contract extension.

Hall is hitting .350 with Washington since coming over from the Astros with Morgan Ensberg on the deadline.

"I'm very happy here in Washington and so is my family, it's great I'm here for 4 more years, I'm very excited about this oppertunity.

In other news, the Nationals are rumoured to decline the 17 million option on Mike Mussina for 2007 because he has not shown he is worth it and is struggling now.

Mailbag: Should Steve Adams go after another bat?

Mailbag: Should Steve Adams go after another bat?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
With the Nationals in a battle for a playoff spot, fans want to know what can be done to help the team improve in the AL EAST.
With Washington in the battle of a playoff spot, do you think Steve Adams should go get another bat.
Lombard hasn't been the same since his injury.
Murphy isn't ready yet, maybe an experienced veteran would be a good idea.
Dave B, North Virginia.
Dave, the team is in need of a miraculous streak to catch the Yankees who now sit 6 games in front of Washington, there has been talk Adams may indeed go after a veteran bat.
Steve Finley's name has been mentioned a few times in trade discussions.
As for Lombard he still has back problems and has changed his swing which apparently has not helped him either. He may have to go back on the disabled list.
What's Alex Rodriguez's current status? I heard he's going to sit out a few games.
John A, New York.
Alex is currently experiencing pain in his knee. Doctors have told him to sit out a few games, they don't think it's anything serious. Tomorrow he will fly to North Carolina to get a second opinion.
Toby Hall has been a great surprise for the Nats, is a contract extension in the works?
Tara, Johnston NY.
Steve Adams has met with Toby's agent a few times but has refused to comment on the stiruation. Hall may be signed or he may go, there is a 50-50 chance here.
Was trading Frank Diaz a bad move?
Ninka, Carolina.
I think it was, Diaz was showing the potential he had, in my opinion, he'd become even better than Morgan Ensbergm but, to get good players, you have to sacrifice some.
Should Polanco bat third since Ensberg Bay and Rodriguez haven't been producing?
Jammy K, South Virginia
That's an idea but Polanco is very valuable leading off, he leads the majors in hits and has good speed. Lombard could lead but I don't see that happening.
Steve Adams contributed to this story

Sunday, August 27, 2006

This week's Game Shocker by J25nadroj2042

The Rocket Still Has It
This weeks game shocker was on aug. 25th where the San Francisco Giants took on the Houston Astros. The Astros, where up against the 2nd team in the NL west (while the Astros are 3rd) and were against the young ace, Jason Schmidt, who had 2.77 era heading into this game. The aging Roger Clemens, who has had a so-so season with an era heading into this game of 4.36. But in this outing, one of his best of the season, he went seven innings only giving up one run, six hits, and four balls, but struck out five in 133 pitches. His counter partner Schmidt went longer with eight innings, and also only given up six hits, and struck out more at eight. But, he gave up three runs, including the Astros young Catcher, Yadier Molina, who hit his first home run as an Astro. Schmidt suffered his 9th lose of the season, the Astros won 3-1 when the broke the 1-1 tie in the top of the 8th. That is why Roger Clemens and his team the Astros earn this weeks Game Shocker.

Down on the Farm: Boston

Boston Red Sox Top 10 prospects:

1. Craig Hansen (2005, 1st - Pawtucket)

Hansen is being groomed to take over the closer's job in Beantown, he's just not ready yet. In an early-season call-up, Hansen was 1-3 with a 5.23 ERA. He has the best fastball and slider in the whole Red Sox system, and is expected to really be something special. MLB comparison: Joe Nathan. ETA: 2007-8

2. Philip Hughes (2004, 1st - Portland)

Hughes is expected to be a key member of the rotation, perhaps ace material, down the road. He has not seen any action yet this year. ETA: 2008-9

3. Edison Volquez (UFA - Pawtucket)

Obtained from Texas in mid-June, Volquez had a brief sojourn with the big club before going down to Pawtucket. He is expected to be a great starter in a few years. ETA: 2008

4. Michael Bowden (2005, 1st - Wilmington)

Bowden is still very raw, and is not expected to get the call for a few years. The club expects him to be an effective starter, but he is clearly not there yet. He has four MLB-caliber pitches, including a low-90s fastball, and a great 12-6 curve. MLB Comparison: Matt Morris. ETA: 2009-10

5. Clay Bucholz (2005, 1st - Wilmington)

Bucholz and Bowden are often lumped together, as they were taken in the same round of the same draft, and have progressed through the minors together. Bucholz has actually been more impressive in the minors, but only ranks behind Bowden because he is two years older. Bucholz has no visible response to pressure, he has ice water in his veins. MLB comparison: Bronson Arroyo. ETA: 2009-10

6. Bryce Cox (2006, 3rd - Portland)

Cox has been superb all year, and recently earned a call-up to Portland. He is expected to be, at the very least, a great setup man for Hansen. High-90s fastball, but has struggled with control. MLB comparison: Derrick Turnbow. ETA: 2007-8

7. Kris Johnson (2006, 1st - Wilmington)

Johnson has been absolutely astonishing, with a 0.79 ERA, and rumor has it he may soon be in Portland. The Sox expect him to be another one of their prized young pitchers. Throws three good pitches, the best of which is a hard curve. MLB comparison: Joe Kennedy. ETA: 2008-9

8. Edgar Martinez (UFA - Pawtucket)

Martinez recently appeared in the Futures Game, and is likely to start the 2007 season with the Red Sox, as they are rumored to be releasing Cliff Politte and Chris Hammond, among other relievers. He is expected to be a middle reliever, and may progress into becoming a very good setup man. Martinez converted from catcher in 2004, and had a breakout season in 2005. He throws a high-90s fastball, but not much else. MLB comparison: Rich Garces. ETA: 2007

9. Justin Masterson (2006, 2nd - Lowell)

Masterson is the future Sox closer of the future, once Hansen inherits the job. He is currently in Lowell, but a call-up to Greenville is inevitable due to his 1.14 ERA. Throws a great sinker, changeup, and slider. MLB comparison: Derek Lowe. ETA: 2010-11

10. Jason Place (2006, 1st - Greenville)

Place is a highly touted outfield prospect, but is clearly not anywhere near ready to be called up. He has great speed and is a five-tool outfielder, though he strikes out a lot, and only ranks this low on this list because of his age. MLB comparison: Jeff Francouer. ETA: 2010-11

Erik Bedard contributed to this story. Edited by Steve Adams

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Nationals deal Perez to Reds for Harris

WASHINGTON- The Nationals yesterday traded infielder Neifi Perez to the Cincinnati Reds in exchange for utility rookie Brendan Harris.

Harris was traded to the Yankees by the Nationals and then to the Reds in the deal that sent Alex Rodriguez to the Nation's Capital.

Perez was hitting .202 in 18 games for Washington and had his shot at the starting SS job but did not produce.

With this move, the Nationals designated the slumping Scott Hatteberg for assignement and recalled Brendan Harris.
Hatteberg, acquired in a previous trade with the Reds for Royce Clayton had not lived up to expectations with a .194 AVG.
Mike Vento was placed on waivers in a move that would free up roster space for up-and coming David Murphy, he is expected to clear waivers and report to New Orleans tomorrow.

Steve Adams contributed to this article

Friday, August 25, 2006

Designated decision: Scott Hatteberg

Scott Hatteberg, acquired from the Reds in a previous trade for Royce Clayton has been a bitter dissapointment in Washington and may soon suffer the same fate as ex-teammate Neifi Perez.

Hatteberg is hitting .194 in 20 games with Washington this season, he had been used primarily as a pinch-hitter and defensive replacement but now he gets his shot at the DH role.

If he does not produce, you may see a minor-league prospect come up and him go down.

Tony Blanco is a greate candidate for the DH role, Josh Labandeira and Rene Rivera also.

It's All Pena

SAN FRANCISCO-In a heated battle vs the #2 team in the NL west, The Astros Slugger (and Rumor has it soon to be captain)Wily Mo Pena hit 3 Home runs making his total this year to 37. But that's not all, he also went 4-5 and he had 7 RBI's which helped the Astros go on and win the game 9-2(he scored himself four times, his other hit was a double.)
"I don't know what it is about Houston, but ever sense I joined this team, I have been very comfortable and I just fall right in place with this teams chemistry and the atmosphere back home in Houston is alsome. That ballpark, it's amazing how loud those fan's can get!, and if I didn't come back to the NL, I might have never hit a splash hit, and with the Astros, like I did today." -Pena

Other notes on the day, the new catcher for the Astros, Yadier Molina, is starting to click. He is now hitting .282 and got his 6th double of the season today.

Adam Dunn drove in the other two runs with a single, but he also struck out twice.

Bronson Arroyo made his 1st start today after returning from the DL, he went 6th innings and gave up eight hits, two balls, a homer, but struck out seven in 96 pitchers. His era is now 3.55 and he is now 14-7.

Wily Mo Pena is hitting .318 with 37 Homeruns and 26 doubles this season.

Just so we don't get in trouble

In case anyone stumbles across this blog...

Baseball Fever Transaction Game (BBFTG) is a Fantasy Simulation of MLB. We and our teams are not affiliated to any of the real organizations, we are also non profit (so we can't get sued)
its just one of the many simulation leagues out there. This means don't expect to be reading things here that are happening in real life, like don't go home saying "hey mommy! Preston Wilson just went from the Cards to the Nats, and now he's on the Red Sox!" or "wow, I didn't know the Nationals are in the AL east!"

Also, as you can see, we aren't running on all... 30 teams, we either didn't have 30 people interested in this at 1st, or our "Bud selig" (Steve Adams - wilkerson-rulz-06) maybe he didn't want 30 teams. That's why you see we don't have some teams like the Marlins, Indians, Orioles, Angles, Athletics, Dodgers and a few other. No we can't get them back, not after it started, and sorry we don't have any room for any more GM's right now, but if you wait around, a spot might open up, you never know.

There is a GM for the Mets which I have been informed recently, unlike what I wrote on my Around the BBFTG. He's just never active.

that's all Folks

-Jordan Young - J25nadroj2042 (Houston Astros)

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Braves Complete 4-Game Sweep of Mets

The Braves managed to squeak out of a 14-inning game vs. the Mets by 1 run.
The arrival of Manny Ramirez has sparked the offense. He also brings to life any playoff hopes the Braves once had. This series sweep came out of necessity for the Braves. The Braves hope to continue their great play in the upcoming games and to push for NL-East division crown.

Now Packing His Bags

HOUSTON-1B Jeff Bagwell was sent to Boston thru waivers today along with a Pitching Prospect.
In return, the Astros picked up reliever Chris Reitsma who has struggled this season to hopefully up their bullpen. "Bags hasn't been doing much for us this year other than take 18mil dollars, he's hitting .180, hopefully he can finish off the rest of his career this year with the Red Sox in style.

Report: Dotel to be dealt to Boston.

ATLANTA-A very reliable baseball source reports the Nationals are close to trading veteran closer Octavio Dotel to the Red Sox in exchange for two pitching prospects.

Dotel requested a trade after management wouldn't give him a contract extension and so Washington refused to play him.

This will be the 10th closer Boston will use this season and Washington will go to their 5th, the leading candidate Gary Majewski, John Van Benschoten and eventually Bill Bray.

Nationals upset Yankees with 7-run ninth explosion

WASHINGTON- And that was a game to remember, Washington was down by 6 runs in the bot of the 9th and they salvaged a last minute victory, scoring 7 unaswered runs in the bottom of the 9th inning to beat the Yankees 15-14 and move that much closer to a playoff spot.

Ricardo Rincon and Mariano Rivera combined for 7 earned runs in 1 inning and Mike DeSalve came in and walked two, the winning run walked in and RFK Stadium exploded.

Lance Berkman had a career game, going 3-for-3 with 4 runs scored, 2 homer and 7 RBI!
Mike Vento and Jason Bay each went 2-for-4 with 2 RBI.

The Nationals bullpen was once again taxed, Andy Pettitte pitching an ineffective 3.2 innings while allowing 6 runs and striking out 6.

John Van Benschoten came in for the final 1.1 innings and was the only Washington pitcher not to allow a run or walk.

Washington now sits 7.5 games back of New York and expectations are still up for the Nationals, who have the best record in MLB after the all-star break and have climbed to the cellar to 2nd best team in the American League.

Until next time.

Steve Adams contributed to this story

The Battle of The AL East is on


The New York Yankees prepare to face-off against the Washington Nationals in a crucial division series.

Washington is currently catching up to New York in the AL EAST, sitting 2nd and 6 games behind the Bronx Bombers.

The Yankees fell in a thrilling loss 12-11 to the Nationals in game 1 and more games are to come.

Prepare yourselves.