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Friday, August 25, 2006

It's All Pena

SAN FRANCISCO-In a heated battle vs the #2 team in the NL west, The Astros Slugger (and Rumor has it soon to be captain)Wily Mo Pena hit 3 Home runs making his total this year to 37. But that's not all, he also went 4-5 and he had 7 RBI's which helped the Astros go on and win the game 9-2(he scored himself four times, his other hit was a double.)
"I don't know what it is about Houston, but ever sense I joined this team, I have been very comfortable and I just fall right in place with this teams chemistry and the atmosphere back home in Houston is alsome. That ballpark, it's amazing how loud those fan's can get!, and if I didn't come back to the NL, I might have never hit a splash hit, and with the Astros, like I did today." -Pena

Other notes on the day, the new catcher for the Astros, Yadier Molina, is starting to click. He is now hitting .282 and got his 6th double of the season today.

Adam Dunn drove in the other two runs with a single, but he also struck out twice.

Bronson Arroyo made his 1st start today after returning from the DL, he went 6th innings and gave up eight hits, two balls, a homer, but struck out seven in 96 pitchers. His era is now 3.55 and he is now 14-7.

Wily Mo Pena is hitting .318 with 37 Homeruns and 26 doubles this season.


At 8:15 PM, Blogger Steve Adams said...

It was hard to give him up, especially when I got him for Andy Sisco, but it paid off too, Lancer Berkman is still the better player.

At 10:09 PM, Blogger Elliot K said...

Pena has my vote for MVP

At 11:45 AM, Blogger Jordan Young said...

I think Pena is better than berk, I am happy with my trade, Berkman suffered with the Astros hitting .200 and 1 hr.

Pena is batting now .319 with 37 bombs.

Berkman is now .290 with 25 hrs.

Pena IS the better player steve.

Also in that deal, I got a better SS too! if it wasn't for pena I wouldnt be doing so good. Also, Pena is younger, and his contract is a lot less.

At 8:16 AM, Blogger Erik Bedard said...

He was horrible in Boston, which is why I traded him away. .173 with 3 homers isn't very fun, and I needed bullpen help badly.

At 4:50 PM, Blogger Steve Adams said...

It doesn't matter, berkman is stil THE BETTER player regardless of stats, how much do you wanna bet this year was a fluke for Pena :D


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