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Friday, September 01, 2006

Lights out Lidge Signed on the Line

HOUSTON - Yestorday was the deadline to resign players, and it appread that Lidge was going to be heading to the free agent list over the off season. The Astros did not want to let him go, and Lidge does like Houston, but Lidge wanted to get the most money he could, and thats why he was turning down the Astros offers. He knew the Astros would still go after him if he went on the free agents list, But last night, on the deadline to re-sign players, Lidge agreed with the Astros to a four year deal of 48 million dollars. (12 mil per year) The Astros were very happy they were able to resign one of the best closers in the game and not let him get away from them. "We knew we couldn't let him go, cause we weren't interested in resigning Clemens or Biggio, and Bagwell has allready left the team, so that frees up about 40 million.

The Astros resigned three players this season to long term contracts. they are:

Lidge - 48 million for four years, 12 million per year
Wheller - 6.8 million for three years, 2.27 million per year
Pena - 33.5 million for five years, 6.7 million per year

Wheller: He is a pretty good young pitchers and it's hard to find good relivers.

Pena: There is no way we could let him go, he's only 24 and he has been doing an amazing job in Houston

The current Astros players that will go to the Free Agent list or retire over the offseason are:

SP Roger Clemens (was 19.7 mil for one year)
RP Chris Reitsma (was 2.75 mil)
RP David Weathers (was 1.35 mil)
C Eric Munson (was 430k)
2B Criag Biggio (was 4 mil)

Clemens: He is allready in his 40's and his ERA has been higher than it normally is. It will also free up close to 20 mil.

Reitsma: We had no plan on resigning him, we only picked him up to try to help us in these last two months.

Weathers: We tried to resign him, but just like lidge he wanted to go on the free agent list. We are still interested in him and if his price doesn't go up to much, we might try to re-sign him over the offseason

Munson: He does have a cheep price, but with the money Clemens will free up, and the money Bagwell has allready freed up, we are going to look for a different back up catcher that is better than Munson.

Biggio: Though he is still a great 2B, he is getting old like Clemens, and will most likely get worse each year, if there isn't any better 2B's that we find over the offseason, then we will consider re-signing him.

Offseason Block (who the astros are thinking of trading away this offseason):

2B Hector Luna: He's good, but not good enough, thats why we are going to look for another 2B on the free agent list. Luna might be involved in a deal to get a better player as we don't have a need for him. We acquired him to replace Biggio while Biggio was on the DL.

RP Chad Qualls: The opposite of Luna, this pretty good pitcher will hopefully be like a lure to get a different player. Just like Bagwell was this season and we picked up Reitsma.

SS Carlos Guillen: It is possible that he might go in a big deal for a better SS, but it is pretty unlikey as he is one of the best SS in the game.

3B Scott Rolen: He's a good player, but he has been having a tough time in Houston. A lot of players have had a hard time in Houston this year, while some others have had good years like Pena. Hopefully we can get a different 3B and someone else will get another power hitter to their lineup.

OF Vernon Wells: its is possible, but like Guillen, it is un likely that he would be delt.

The Astros no touch (or Indispensable) list:
(from greatest to least)

Wily Mo Pena
Brad Lidge
Adam Dunn
Javier Vazquez
Carl Crawford


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