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Friday, September 01, 2006

Nationals Farm Report: Rookies getting shots.

Nationals Notes: Minor leaguers getting their chances
The Nationals have been giving minor-leaguers their doses of playing time this season and have seen who has what it takes.
Bernie Castro, Andrew Good, Ian Desmond, Brandon Harper, George Lombard, Mike Vento, Ryan Church, Tyrrell Goodwin, Kory Casto, Frank Diaz, and Josh Labandeira have gotten their chances this season and there are probably more, here are my minor-league report:
  • Bernie Castro: Hit well under the Mendoza line in limited time with Washington, showed flashes of promise defensively but his bat just wasn't there.
  • Andrew Good: He spent a the first month in Washington before being sent down to the minors. Good posted a 4.69 ERA and was one of the most used relievers in the beginning of the season before going on the disabled list.
  • Ian Desmond: Desmond got the call a few weeks ago and hasn't shown up on the linescore yet. Desmond, one of the Nationals top prospects, is having difficulty this season, currently 0-for-8 as a DH in 2 games. He is the shortstop of the future for Washington.
  • Brandon Harper: Average stats, average defense and average fielding was all Harper got in his average tenure as a backup with Washington. He isn't getting any younger too, already 31.
  • George Lombard: Lombard had a sensational tenure before injuring hsi back and missing nearly 2 months with a bulging disc in his lower back. Lombard hit .412 before injring himself and is currently struggling, his average has dipped to .283 He had his chance and still has one, but with the addition of Doug Mientkiewicz, Lombard's playing time will be cut down dramatically.
  • Mike Vento: Up and down again, Vento never got on a roll and ended up batting .222 and became a defensive upgrade. He needs more time in the minors.
  • Ryan Church: Church struggled, struggled and dissapointed. Then he was traded.
  • Tyrrell Goodwin: He can't hit so the Nationals used him as a pinch-runner. That's all. A pinch runner. He needs to improve his hitting abilityto be an effective lead-off man.
  • Kory Casto: He finally reached his potential and showed the baseball world why Steve Adams is crazy about him, he won out the starting SS job before going on the disabled list. He is expected to miss the rest of the regular season. Could be an interesting factor heading into spring training next year.
  • Frank Diaz: Diaz was traded to Saint-Louis in a deal that sent Morgan Ensberg to Washington. Diaz was hitting .400 in his stint with Washington and was ready for everyday work. But to get good players you have to give some up, and that's what happened.
  • Josh Labandeira: Labandeira is a Cinderalla story. After struggling with Montreal in the September of 2004, Labandeira has been the most consistent rookie this season, hitting .334 in 67 games for Washington.


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